10 Things You Need to Know About Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner but as tradition states, the celebrations start way before the big day! So here are 10 things you need to know.

1 – The Date varies each year



It always stays around Jan 21 and Feb 20, but the date for Chinese New Year tends to move around based on the Lunar Calendar. 


2 – The Holiday is called the ‘Spring Festival’



Although it’s in winter, Chinese New Year actually marks the start of Spring. 


3 – 1/5 of the World’s Population celebrates Chinese New Year



People across the whole world get together each year to celebrate


4 – Over 7% of the World’s Population Travel at this time of year



Whether it’s to go to large festivals or see loved ones, millions of people every year travel across the globe to take part. 


5 – It’s a time for Family 



On the eve of the lantern festival, it is tradition to get together, share a meal & exchange gifts with your family. 


6 – It’s the world’s biggest fireworks usage 



Not even December 31st uses this many fireworks! 


7 – Billions of Red Envelopes Are Exchanged



Red is important as it is a symbol of luck in China. The envelopes are usually filled with cash and given to younger family members.


8 – Millions of lanterns go out all around the world



The lanterns are set off into the sky, along rivers & put up for decoration. 


9 – A New Animal Starts the Zodiac Year 



This year it’s the year of the rooster! 


10 – Tradition says the monster Nian comes out on Chinese New Year



The fireworks, lanterns and bright colours were said to scare off both the monster & any evil spirits!

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