5 Ways to Stick To Your Diet With Low Fat Indian Food

5 Ways to Stick To Your Diet With Low Fat Indian Food

Indian food isn’t always a popular choice when it comes to healthy eating. However, what people don’t tend to realize is that if you combine your choices wisely, Indian Food can not only fall in with your diet but be super good for you too. 

1 – Proteins 

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Something that’s important to consider with all your meals is the type of protein you’re taking in, even if you’re a vegetarian. In terms of meat, almost everyone will recommend choosing Chicken or Seafood such as Prawns. 

Other dishes using Chickpeas are also a really handy way of upping your protein. Dishes such as Chole are ideal. Ensuring your meal includes a high amount of protein is a much better way to stay fuller for longer & is much more effective than filling up on carbs. 

Meat is also ideal for swapping out your sides or starters. If you usually choose something bread-based or deep fried as your extra, try trading it for a meat-based dish. 

2 – Poppadums 

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Poppadums are nowhere near as high fat as people presume. It is, in fact, the choice of dips which will increase your calorie intake the most. Avoiding dips such as chutney & swapping them for dips such as Tomato Sambal (finely chopped onion and tomato) or Raita (Cucumber Sauce) is a much healthier choice. 

3 – The Main Dish 

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For your main dish, the best thing to do is to always try to avoid sweeter dishes. Dishes such as Masala tend to use high quantities of sugar in creating the sweet flavour we know and love. If you’re trying to burn fat, dishes such as Tandoori, Tikka and Bhuna work best as they have little to no sauce. 

4 – Serving Your Food 

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Another trick for if you don’t like to go sauceless is to still avoid sweeter dishes but when you’re serving your meal, try to get more of the filling ie. Meat & vegetables. Most of the fats and sugars in the main dish are carried in the sauce. Filling up on the contents works well in a number of ways as you are leaving most of the calories behind & will also stay fuller for longer if you take in more proteins. 

If you ensure your curry/main dish is the biggest portion on your plate, this means you can put carbs such as rice and bread on the backburner – reducing your calorie intake even further. 

5 – Rice

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Rice is a tough one because everybody has a different favourite. Furthermore, as everyone knows, boiled rice is best, but not everyone likes it. Pilau rice, although absolutely beautiful is made with a number of different oils to create its unique flavour. It’s important to try to avoid rice which is made with oil or fried if you’re trying to reduce your calorie intake. 

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