The Best Indo-Chinese Fusion Food in Bolton

The Best Indo-Chinese Fusion Food in Bolton

Fusion Food in Bolton is limited.The sad thing is that Bolton often goes unnoticed as a visitors attraction. But there’s far more to this little town than what meets the eye. And even if it’s not just to test our gorgeous courses, there’s definitely more than just us to pull you in.

Bolton is known as one of the friendliest towns in Britain. A study taken by the British Society for the Advancement of Science found that the people of Bolton were the most approachable & friendly in the UK. But that’s not the only reason to come and visit us. Unlike many other restaurants, here at Dhanak Diera, we offer a dining experience with a twist.

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We have a range of specially trained chef in both Chinese & Indian cuisine. We want to ensure that every meal with us feels like a luxury dining experience, no matter what your taste in food may be. An ongoing debate for as long as most of us can remember, whether it be between couples, friends or family, is what type of food to go out to eat.

Fusion Food In Bolton

Cut out the arguing, say goodbye to excuses & say hello to a place everyone can enjoy. Many people are still very skeptical about fusion food, assuming that when there’s so much to offer, the quality of the food will not be as authentic as usual. Well that’s one problem we can promise to avoid.

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Fancy yourself as a bit of a foodie? There’s no better place to go if you like to have a bit of everything with your meal. Not to mention our extensive, all new, drinks menu.



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