5 Stupid Arguments All couples Have About Food | Indian & Chinese Food Bolton

Being in a relationship is amazing, but it can be tough too. You’re not just responsible for yourself, but all of your decisions have to be joint. Which means at least attempting to agree on something.

1 – We need to start eating more healthily

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A healthy lifestyle is important. But the worst part of trying to diet as a couple is that it usually leads to avoiding going out. Which, inevitably leads to eventually ordering take-out, when you could have still gone out to eat and ordered something much healthier in a restaurant.

2 – Who’s driving?

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Often, if you’re going out to eat & you don’t want to stay local, who’s turn it is to drive can turn into a great debate. Who’s turn is it? Who drove last? Who wanted to have a few drinks tonight? Maybe staying local would be much easier.

3 – Ew, you really like that?

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Everyone has that one thing that their partner loves to eat that just absolutely sickens them. Even if it’s something that plenty of people eat, you’re offended by every bite they take in from too you.


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There is nothing more frustrating than when you’re eating at home & your partner dips into your food. It’s even worse when you’re out to eat, it’s safer to just go somewhere you can get a little bit of everything just to avoid having to control your rage in the middle of a restaurant.

5- What do you want to eat?

Somehow, this question can easily lead to you and your partner going to war if you’re not in the mood for the same thing. A lot of couples have completely different pallets. Which makes choosing where to eat a whole lot harder.

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