Saturday Night with Dhanak Deira – Customer Review

Saturday nights in Bolton aren’t bad, but plenty of people don’t tend to stay local if they’re really looking to enjoy themselves. As soon as you walk up the red carpet and open the door to Dhanak Deira, you really don’t feel like you’re in Bolton anymore.

It’s an experience, to say the least. We reserved a table and we were in our seats within just a few minutes of coming through the door at 8pm. We were also offered Poppodums & dips while we browsed the menu. We took to the drinks menu first. My partner was driving, but he was very impressed with the range of ‘Mocktails’ on the drinks menu. The Wine list was impressive too.  Not just in regards to price, but choice.

After deliberating over a huge list of gorgeous choices, we settled on a mocktail for him and a large glass of White Wine for me.

Everything was laid out beautifully. Every table was complete will sparkling, delicate wine glasses, napkins, candles & fresh roses. It’s the perfect setting for any type of night out. Whether you’re going for a night out with the girls, a meal with the family or a quite drink with a loved one, Dhanak Deira is ideal.


Even the range of starters were extensive. It was certainly tempting to get more than 1 each! Eventually, we settled for Prawn Toast with Sweet Chilli dip & Salt n Pepper King Prawns. My partner said, and I quote “This is the best Prawn Toast I have ever eaten, I would be happy for them to bring me this by the shovel load for my main”. Both were beautifully presented. The clean plates glistened. They were both accompanied with salad & spiral vegetables too, which added to the overall appearance.


The King Prawns were delicious too, but certainly not for the faint hearted! I love spicy food, my partner & friends are often repulsed by my ability to eat chillies straight out of the jar. My partner, however, is more of a mild heat type of person. One bite out of one of my Salt & Pepper King Prawns nearly blew off his head. So be warned. If, like me, you like your food with a kick, these are an awesome choice. The delicate batter on the prawns keeps the texture inside completely perfect, whilst still soaking up the flavours in the sauce, to ensure every mouthful is a fantastic one. It can only be compared to an edible firework, having so many amazing yet bold flavours going off at once.


Because we both have quite different tastes in food, my partner and I quite often have trouble choosing places to eat. His favourite food is Chinese, for his love of sweet & sour sauces and mine is Indian, for my love of big flavour & strong spices. So when we found out we could both have our wishes granted in one place, we couldn’t wait to try it.

So as you would expect, for the main course, we both stuck to our favourite cuisine. He had the Lamb Chow Mien with King Prawns & Egg fried rice. I have the Chicken Karahi with Pilau Rice.

chicken Karahi
chicken Karahi

When you choose your curry, you can specify to the chef the heat at which you would like it to be spiced ie. Mild, medium or hot. I chose a medium heat, because although I love spice, I really wanted to focus more on the flavour of the curry.

It was nothing short of perfect. The flavour of the sauce alone was completely without fault, but the Coriander & Lemon Grass finish was what really topped it off (if you’ll pardon the punn). something I am particularly picky about is meat, I eat very little of it outside of fish & poultry. But the chicken was cooked to absolutely perfection. Tasty, tender & melt in the mouth style goodness. The sauce hit me with a whole new world of flavours, with a kick from the medium spice as requested.

King Prawn & Egg Fried Rice

Although it wasn’t the centre piece of his main course, my partner was blown away by his fried rice. I did try it myself & I have to say, it was something else. Unlike a lot of the other fried rice we have both tried, the rice in this dish wasn’t cooked to the point of being dry as a bone, but still had some texture to it. The rice was flavoured with pepper & spring onion, which brought a unique & delightful kick to the dish. The egg was some of the lightest & freshest we have ever tried. Something my partner was particularly happy about was the number of King Prawns he got in the dish; ‘I wasn’t expecting more than 2 or 3 Prawns, that’s all you normally get at most places.’

Lamb Chow Mien
Lamb Chow Mien

His Chow Mien seemed equally as impressive. Although he was skeptical at first, as he isn’t a fan of thicker Chinese noodles, he was very impressed with the outcome. Like the chicken, the Lamb was cooked to absolute perfection. He said it fell to pieces in his mouth, as if it had been slow cooked – just as good lamb should. As a farmer, he can be particularly opinionated on the quality of meat & eggs. But I have never been anywhere to eat with him where he’s had nothing but good words to say.

Overall we were both blown away. And if I could give it 5 stars again & again I would. Each and every staff member was polite, had a smile on their face & worked fast. There was never a time where we didn’t have a server in sight incase we needed anything. The waiting staff were impressively quick on getting drinks, collecting plates when we had finished & making sure everything was okay.

There was nothing either of us would change about our dining experience at The New Dhanak Deira & we would both happily come back again & again. Thank you!

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